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Allow selection of Product Group, Stock Codes and Price Bands when Exporting Prices to CSV

Currently if you need to perform a large update of sales prices - the easiest option is to use the Export Prices option, modify the CSV/EXCEL and use Import Prices to import the modified CSV to update the prices. This works fine on a small scale, but if you have thousands of stock codes and hundreds of price bands, this can be very time consuming! The time consuming part is not updating the prices in the CSV, it is the export process itself. Regardless of Server spec/resources available It can take anywhere up to 1 hour to export in the region of 7,000/8,000 products and the sage client is unusable while this process runs. It would be more productive and time-saving to allow the option to pick either Product Groups (or range of stock codes) and option to select Price Bands. Because you do not require the full file to perform an import back into Price Book to update, only the stock codes and the price band you wish to update.

  • Paul Daly
  • Jun 13 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support