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VAT 126 Report for Academies – for the report to not pick up zero values and to not pick up manual reversals.

The VAT 126 Report, after it has been run, must be sent to Excel, amended in Excel, totalled, saved and then uploaded by the user to the HMRC website. There are some amendments that need to be done before uploading that it would be helpful if they could be incorporated into the software or software/report. These 2 suggestions would save the user time. The VAT 126 Report will show zero values if the VAT Tax Code you have used is designated as one that is applicable to the VAT Return. e.g. Tax Code 0 for Exempt and Tax Code 2 for Zero Rated are usually ticked as applicable to the VAT Return in the VAT Rates Settings. You could use a non-applicable zero VAT Tax Code during daily data input but most users do not set one up. Although transactions with zero VAT Elements do not give incorrect totals, there may be many unwanted rows on the report which you have to remove from the Report Not to have to do this would save time. Also, if you enter a Taxable Bank Payment in order to reverse a Taxable Bank Receipt, the Taxable Bank Payment will be picked up by the VAT 126 Report This is because it is a Taxable Bank Payment with a VAT Element. These transactions need to be removed as they are not part of your VAT 126 claim. They are just internal corrections. If there are many, the user has to remember when inputting them to mark them with a reference like the word CORRECTION or similar tag so they can filter them out of their VAT 126 Excel Report. Not to have to do this would save time.

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  • May 14 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support