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Verify Data (previously Prove Balance) to have option to run for 1 stock item only

There are a number of known issues around Quantity Reserved values being left behind, which can be fixed by running the Verify Data routine. The problem with this is that in order to run the routine all users must cease work on the system. On a low user system that is not really a problem but we are often looking at systems being used by 10 - 40 users. We are basically putting the customer in a system down situation whilst the routine is run when we are only trying to fix 1 stock line. On a high usage system, due to the nature of the various bugs, we could have a quantity reserved turning up every other hour on a different stock record. The customer cannot afford to have all users off to fix one record every time this occurs. So they turn to the business partner who will potential spend hours a month carrying out SQL fixes instead. I would like to thing that if the routine allowed the selection of 1 stock record only that this would allow the user to run their own fixes. Yes, the routine would have to detect if the record is open in SOP, POP and Stock and would need to prevent editing during this time, but that should be no different to what is being done on verifying sales and purchase accounts.

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  • Feb 20 2019
  • Will not implement
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    16 Jan 01:43pm

    Verify data needs to remain an exclusive database activity so users would need to be out of the system to complete this correctly so this isn't something we would implement. If you have known issues, I would urge you to ensure you have customers correctly logged on the known issue and if required follow the known issue escalation process.