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I thought I would just do a summary comment of the requests that keep coming up for the education sector. I know the development team are very busy but these are what keep coming up in our discussions and on the ideas hub. Having an idea of where these requests are upto would also be good so we can communicate them with our education working groups. - Budgets column on the nominal list page - Option to not group nominal postings in the invoice section - Web Ordering workflow notification alert when a requisition needs approving - Civica link to emails on this - Budget alerts to be given in both the web ordering and the main sage when budgets are all spent - ability not to raise the order if this is the case - Print out of credit control area is not as good as SAGE 50 - Trial balance summary report layout to be like the one in SAGE 50 - Ability to attach scanned invoices - Automatic prompt for password change and an easier way of doing it we have all had the same password since the start not good for internal audit & GDPR - Ability to add reason for cancelled PO - Ability for the school to set the time out frame on web ordering times out too quick and while actually using the system - Web ordering the nominal coding area should be in numeric order and only show the nominal codes that have been combined to that department, free text requisitions should also have a box for product code and which department to deliver to. Warehouse doesnt work the same in schools as for the private sector

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  • May 24 2018
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