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Mandatory price on Purchase Order

When receiving purchase orders on Sage 200 and Via third party software (Handheld scanner) is there or can there be an option to stop stock being booked in unless +£0.00 price on purchase order to ensure pricing is updated before locking in the "last buy" price at zero.

Sometimes in a short space of time, for urgent items, stock can be received and delivered before pricing and confirmation received.

This then throws out average buying price when one randomly shows as zero.

  • Laura Bingham
  • May 22 2024
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit Less pricing discrepancies
How do you solve for this problem today? If we can catch it in time, i can reverse any dispatches/receipts, update the PO and re-receive/dispatch. If it miss it theres no solve.
Product Variant Sage 200 Professional