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Show the Sales Order number in the columns on the Invoicing List screen

I often get given only the Sales Order number and on the other side reports are run giving me the sales invoice number and I would like to be able to quickly match the two numbers.

  • Beverley Wintle
  • Feb 7 2024
  • Will not implement
Idea Benefit Saves time
How do you solve for this problem today? Click and view either the invoice to pick up the SOP or click and view the SOP to pick up the invoice number.
  • Chris Potter commented
    12 Feb 09:37am

    Hi Beverley - I'm not certain if this is because we use the Eureka add-on, but when an invoice is raised from a Sales Order, it adds the SO number as the "second reference", which is then an available column in Invoicing List to search SO numbers to see related invoice numbers.

  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    8 Feb 09:11am

    Due to the nature in which Sales Orders can generate, there isn't a 121 relationship so this isn't possible.