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Incorrect information in Nominal ledger in relation to project accounting revenue posting

I've noticed that when we issued a sales invoice from SOP, that there is an inconsistency with the data in the nominal ledger which is a major concern.

We issued our sales invoice 4666 in relation to project 575. The sales invoice had two lines on it. However, I noticed that only line 1 (£1,950 Net) of the invoice was linked to the project on the sales order. Both lines should’ve gone against project 575 but the sales order wasn't entered correctly. The 2nd line didn’t have the project on in error. I’ve ‘reminded’ the sales team about this in future.

So we then needed to do a revenue adjustment to include the £1,660 (line 2) under the project.

But one thing that we’ve noticed is that the posting in the nominal ledger shows “SI / DRO001 / 575 / REV” and the amount of £3,610 (total of both lines) but in reality, only line 1 for £1,950 had the project on. So the nominal shouldn’t really indicate both lines were under project 575 when it was actually only line 1 that was associated with the project. This is very misleading and should be fixed.

  • John Wilkins
  • Dec 4 2023
  • Not an idea
Idea Benefit Correct nominal information
How do you solve for this problem today? We disregard the Sage data because it's inaccurate
  • John Wilkins commented
    12 Dec, 2023 02:49pm

    Hi, what does "Not an idea" mean? Are Sage going to look at a fix please? It shouldn't show all the revenue against a project when it should split it down to line level. Thanks