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Consolidation Company Sage 200

I have 16 Companies that consolidate into 1 'Consolidated Company'.

The nominal from the 16 companies feed into the 1 'Consolidated Company', which is great for financial reporting , however..... the option is there for the cash book/sales ledger/purchase ledger (its basically another company) to also consolidate into this 1 'Consolidated Company'.

So my question is why haven't Sage turned on the option for the sales ledger/purchase ledger to feed into the consolidated - this would assist credit controllers for the sales ledger and payments teams for the purchase ledger. Rather than running 16 Aged Debtors you could run one and rather than running 16 payment runs you could run one.

I know this may not suit everyone but if the option is there why not allow it to be switched on if needed?

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  • Sep 8 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support