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Consolidated Report Functionality in B.I.

Hi, Functionality to have the option of running a B.I. report whilst reading from the same cubes in difference companies.Currently each B.I. report is run separately based on connection on a company cube (based on the company the report is run from within) I&ve had requests to be able to run the same report across multiple Sage 200 companies and consolidate.i.e. in Project Accounting Costing Analysis where two companies both use the same reportSo one B.I. Report that can run against Project Profitability cube for both Company A & Company B combined To be able to combine this report to a single excel sheet report, instead of running in one company and save, then run in another company and save, then to combine the two reports later.

  • Paul Daly
  • Apr 18 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support