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Reverse any Nominal Transaction

Starting from the nominal ledger; Create an option to reverse transaction that resides in an Open or Future accounting period. If the transaction originates in a known module then also reverse the transaction in the source module.

Selection would be of the URN, Group of URNs or nominal code

Validate before reversal on:

Transaction does not affect a closed period (Warning with option to reverse all or reverse only Open/Future)
Transaction balances
Transaction source transactions in SL/PL/CB allow transaction (Warning with option to reverse all or reverse only allowed transactions)
Transaction was not already reversed previously
User experience optional extras:

Validated journal exportable to Excel for user to edit
Reversal reference editable
Reversal authorisation
Reversal audit log
3rd Party Developers allowed to block reversal

  • Guest
  • Jul 26 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support