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An undo/reverse button for all transactions in Sage 200

I work for an Education Trust so we use the Sage 200 software. I have recently seen that Sage 50 offers an undo button which means that a payment or receipt, which has been posted incorrectly, can be instantly reversed with no problems. I was just thinking how great this would be in the Sage 200 software as it is so easy to make a simple mistake. Especially when working in a school, you can be distracted by anything such as a pupil having a problem or urgent calls/meetings. It would then save a lot of time if we could reverse a transaction rather than having to manually enter the equal and opposite transaction ourselves. I wasn't sure if this could be a fairly simple addition to Sage 200 as it already exists on Sage 50. Something along the same lines would certainly benefit everyone in the Sage 200 community.

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  • Feb 26 2021
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support