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Option to remove batch postings only tick box nominal ledger settings

Users frequently tick the 'post batch totals only' option when setting up nominal codes without realising the implications of doing so. This results in imbalanced URNs due to the way the nominal postings are then made for those accounts (e.g. a purchase invoice posted to three expense accounts, one of which has the box ticked, will then indicate an incomplete set of nominal transactions on the nominal drill down, and looking up that URN on the nominal gives no indication of where the missing element of the double entry went; instead it will be posted as a 'BATCH TOT' referenced transaction with a separate URN on the relevant nominal account).

I have never known a situation where the customer actually wants to post batch totals only. Presumably it is useful to some people, but I believe it just poses a risk of mispostings for the majority of users. It would therefore be useful to have an option in the nominal ledger settings to suppress the batch totals option box, so that for companies where it will never be useful it won't even appear as an option in the nominal account creation screen.

  • Vicky Poole
  • Jan 9 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support