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Give more room for Warehouses in Stock View Item Balances screen

Currently, only 2 Warehouses are visible in the Stock View Item Balances form, and when the form is enlarged, the Bins list is enlarged but not the Warehouses list. This is a pain when there are many warehouses. Could this be changed - ideally so there&s a splitter between the 2 lists, so the relative sizes can be changed, or so the both grow when the screen is enlarged. It&s a trivial mod for a developer to do - here&s the relevant VBScript if anyone wants it: Sage.MMS.Stock.ViewItemBalancesForm.vbs Imports System.Windows.Forms Imports System Module addInModule Sub Main &Make Warehouses bigger, Bins smaller and both enlargable dim panelHeight as Integer=Form.FindControlByName(centerPanel).Height With form.FindControlByName(warehouseBalancesGroupBox) .Anchor=.Anchor Or AnchorStyles.Bottom .Top=105 .Height=panelHeight-200 End With With form.FindControlByName(noBinsGroupBox) .Height=98 .Top=panelHeight-.Height End With End Sub End Module

  • Geoff Turner
  • Jan 30 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support