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A context and field-sensitive on screen keyboard

The prevalence of touch screen devices is growing. Yes, I know Sage 200 isn&t supported on a tablet - yet - although theoretically could be accessed via Citrix and Terminal Services on a tablet. Or some windows emulation? Nevertheless desktop users are using Microsoft Surface and the future should be to better incorporate their needs. My request for change would be an ability to introduce a context-sensitive (to the field type) on screen keyboard. This would be a user setting to enable or disable on screen keyboard. Each field on each screen is already according to its field type (date, numerical, text, selection list, boolean), so the change would be that a specific on screen keyboard would be associated with specific field types. From a UX (user experience) perspective, a user can elect to use on screen keyboard. That user would then be able to select any field on any screen and this would launch an on screen keyboard in context to that field type. This is akin to what that user already sees when she or he uses any app written for ipad. I appreciate this would mean the manufacturing modules being incorporated to the SDK in order to enjoy the same facility. But it&s in a factory environment (e.g. clean room) that on screen keyboards may be most commonly used as peripherals of mouse and keyboard are not ideal. This is related to an earlier idea for keyboard shortcuts for launching screens, tabs, and fields (and the 2 ideas would work well together)

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  • May 30 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support