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Sage 200 tracking and monitoring module - integrated with System Utilities User Login Status!

It would be ideal and extremely useful for Sage 200 to have a proper audit tracking monitoring module which shows areas and features users are accessing and what time they last accessed them. SICON currently have a audit add-on but it doesn't have to be this complex or detailed. It could become an option in Accounting System Manager System Utilities User Login Status and an extra tab called 'Tracking/Monitoring/Audit'. The tab could show some simple information such as User Name, Module and Feature last accessed, Time of access of feature. This would remove the need of going into the SQL tables to investigate and make it more streamlined. Another idea could be to put the utility into System Administration instead if wanted to keep it away from users in general. The disconnected logins section in Sage200 currently does a similar thing but relies on a disconnection. It would be better if this was a Live monitoring tool instead!

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  • Dec 22 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support