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Supplier Activity Report Based On Nominal Code with B/F balances (Sage 50 got it right!)

Sage 50 you could run a report on a particular nominal code on a particular supplier. You could even export all the nominal data into excel and produce your own reports for a supplier spend across the nominal codes. The nominal data in sage 200 doesn't have the supplier account number or account name clearly visible in the data so you can not directly report on it when exporting to excel. It seems completely odd to me why this has been missed, running a simple supplier activity report on a particular nominal code seems pretty basic to me. So currently when I have to run a report for total spend on a particular nominal code I can not split it by supplier.

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  • Aug 12 2019
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Fixed in version Report Design Service
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    Keith Carver commented
    15 Jan 12:35pm

    Please contact our Report Design team to discuss this further (if your a Partner direct your customer to this article), with a view to seeing if this can be achieved with a custom report.

    Details on how to do this are available here.