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Data to excel to report same info as within the report as at present this is not the issue.

With reference to one of my Incident reference - 190318-E8924. (Still unsure why this needs to be an idea hub issue as well to me data to excel doesn't work as expected) When running a Sales invoices and credits notes summary and detailed report within the SOP module we see issues when data to excel is selected. On the report we see 1 invoice no matter how many orders/ order lines it covers. When selecting data to excel it duplicates dependent on how many order lines. So if an order has 1 line the invoice is shown once. If the order has 2 lines the invoice shows twice etc. etc. This is due to data to excel looking at the lineid so each line id has it's own line. Unfortunately it doesn't show the value of that individual line it shows the full value of the invoice for reporting purposes data to excel is useless. It probably effects numerous other reports meaning data to excel doesn't put the data from the report to excel at all so it is extremely misleading.

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  • Mar 22 2018
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support