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Amend stock unit

Cannot currently amend "stock unit" its greyed out - I have an item that has come in in boxes of 10 bags, but we want to sell these as individual bags, not as a complete box

  • Jane Smith
  • Jun 17 2024
  • Further Information Required
Idea Benefit If stock comes in and needs goods received in a different unit, cannot be altered.
How do you solve for this problem today? Dont know how too!
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    17 Jun 03:26pm

    Thanks to Laura for sharing the helpfile link, does this help with your enquiry? If not can you provide a bit more information on the steps you're taking, you mention its when the stock comes in but usually this is done via good received rather than at the point of stock take.

  • Laura Bingham commented
    17 Jun 09:40am

    This likely wont be too helpful in solving the issue but we had the same query a while back. You need to set ratios in the Units of Measure section (within stock control). I suggest reading the help page to go with it (or asking for Sage support to guide you through it) as its not as straight forward as just overtyping a UoM with your preferred option.