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Add DeliveryAddressID or CustDeliveryAddresses.Description to SOPInvCredDelAddress table

There is currently no way to accurately match the delivery address on a SOP with the delivery address as in delivery address table - the unique values of AddressID and CustDeliveryAddresses.Description are not captured in the SOP and Invoice tables, so reporting on the data as is produces multiple duplications where there are any identical variables eg multiple outlets with the same postcode

  • Linda Capewell
  • Feb 19 2024
  • Delivered
Idea Benefit Allow accurate reporting of sales by delivery address on an account with multiple sites, based on the delivery addresses as set up in the main Head Office Account.
How do you solve for this problem today? Multiple vlookups in data in excel - long-winded process and still subject to errors
Fixed in version Report Design Service
  • Admin
    Keith Carver commented
    21 Feb 02:40pm

    Hi Linda

    Please contact the Sage 200 Report Design team to discuss this further (if your a Partner direct your customer to this article), with a view to seeing if this can be achieved with a custom report.

    Details on how to do this are available here.

    Keith Carver
    Sage 200 Report Design

  • Chris Gorringe commented
    19 Feb 10:24am

    SOPOrderID is on both tables - that's your direct link.

    SELECT *

    FROM dbo.SOPOrderReturn sor

    LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.SOPDocDelAddress sdda ON sdda.SOPOrderReturnID = sor.SOPOrderReturnID

    Or is that not the table you want to link?