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Project cost analysis enquiry as report

The current cost analysis within the enquiries option provides data including cost/committed costs/budget/budget variance in a format that is not easily exported to excel for reporting. Could this be replicated in a report to include the budget/budget variance detail that could be easily exported to excel for reporting and analysis?

  • Ashley Triggs
  • Jan 25 2024
  • Delivered
Idea Benefit Would allow to tracking of capex budget in relation to individual project items to identify any issues with costing of new projects
How do you solve for this problem today? currently this is tracked manually which allows for error
Fixed in version Report Design Service
  • Admin
    Keith Carver commented
    2 Feb 08:44am

    Please contact the Sage 200 Report Design team to discuss this further (if your a Partner direct your customer to this article), with a view to seeing if this can be achieved with a custom report.

    Details on how to do this are available here.