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Actual sale price to show on stock

The actual sale price does not show on the stock screen page. This is confusing as it is necessary to click onto view and then view sales orders to find the most current price. Difficult when a customer is asking for the price.

  • Christine Sellick
  • Dec 3 2023
  • Will not implement
Idea Benefit Correct pricing when customer enquires
How do you solve for this problem today? It is necessary to click onto view and then sales orders to find current price.
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    4 Dec, 2023 03:55pm

    as per the comments above - there are numerous factors that determine the pricing a customer may get from special pricing, to quantity base pricing and so much more. The Customer Price enquiry is where this should be done and would not be implemented in any other way.

  • Tony Davis-Coyle commented
    4 Dec, 2023 10:34am

    Hi Christine,

    As suggested by Ed, try the Customer Price Enquiry functionality, as this is designed exactly for this.

  • Andrew Douglas commented
    4 Dec, 2023 10:06am

    There are so many factors that can affect the customer prices (pricebands, limited pricebands, customer discounts, special prices, quantity break discounts, etc) that you couldn't really have a single selling price showing on the stock screen.
    Depending how you have things setup, 2 customers may have very different prices.

    As mentioned the Customer Price Enquiry screen is probably your best bet.

  • Loach, Ed commented
    4 Dec, 2023 09:35am

    I might have misunderstood, but have you tried SOP, Enquiries, Customer Price Enquiry?