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Back-to-Back Orders

The functionality whilst raising purchase orders directly from sales orders needs vast improvement overall. There are too many pitfalls.

It would help the user by being able to raise PO directly from each specific product particularly where multiple suppliers are required, plus have the full functionality of amending the purchase order after it has been raised.

  • Thompson, Kevin
  • Nov 20 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
Idea Benefit Improve current functionality. Saving time with processes.
How do you solve for this problem today? It's just so time consuming to use the current function so much so that users tend to not use the direct back to back function at all, and instead raise a PO and double-type the order.
  • Natalie Natalie commented
    23 Nov, 2023 03:02pm

    B2B should be visible from amend order screen, ability to amend both sales and purchase orders fully ( not just one or other ) lots of minor issues with this feature