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Improve the Search facility when posting transactions, e.g keying in part of a description

When posting a transaction in say project accounting, you need to key in the "project code" first. In the instance its a long range of account numbers. The user has no other option but to scroll down hundreds of rows until they reach the desired one. It would be much better if they could key in say "post" for "Postage Birmingham" & it would find all the codes with the word "post" in it. or if they key in "GA0" & it would return:



GA003 etc.

At the minute you have to scroll through all the codes until the come to the G's. They user may not necessarily know that it is GA001, they may simply know that it is "postage" or something. Other pieces of software allow you to press CTRL + F & (for find) & a search box comes up - this could be an alternative way.

This idea isn't restricted to project accounting, but anywhere else in sage when trying to find something, e.g. searching for a sales account. You may know the account has the word "tile" in it, but it could be "The world of tiles" or something. At the minute you've to scroll through hundreds of accounts to find the desired one

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  • Oct 1 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support