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Using the Duplicate option for a Stock item should also pull through the Supplier List Price

Currently when Duplicating a Stock Item the Supplier is pulled through but not the Supplier List Price. Strictly speaking this would be expected to pull through, however in the design and implementation phase it was decided that after seeking feedback from Business Partners and Customers to exclude this for a couple of reasons.: Research at the time indicated that prices would be negotiated with Suppliers each time an order was placed, the main price interest was deemed to be the Last price Paid rather than a Price list. Copying a similar item makes sense to pull through the Supplier List Price, I.E you are looking to create a Blue Widget therefore you will copy the Red Widget to save yourself time. However if you copied a 50ltr Widget the Price List would not make sense in the context. Research at the time indicated that Suppliers were not making their Price Lists available to Customers in a format which could be easily imported. As technology has moved on these Price Lists are now more and more readily available. Could we therefore review the Duplicate option to pull through the Supplier Price list?

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  • Oct 1 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support