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Deferred Transaction List

I had a journal stuck in the deferred transaction list as the account code did not exist i.e. cost centre and department code did not exist in the combination used. I set-up the account code and then went to correct the journal in the list, but it created a reversing journal, and did not allow me to delete the journal entry lines not required. Given that this journal had not been posted, it would be really helpful to have a delete line option within the deferred transaction list, otherwise my two line journal was fast becoming multiple lines. Alternatively is there anyway to clear unwanted entries from the deferred transaction list, if I just want to clear it and start again. If for example I have posted the journal correctly from scratch and the entries in the deferred transaction list become redundant (if the list gets very long, just filtering it is not really dealing with the issue just masking it.)

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  • Oct 1 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support