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Allow the input of unit cost details into Quotations

Users can be set up to allow the entry or change of unit cost (not selling) prices in Sales Orders. However the same facility does not exist in quotations - and I suspect that even if it did then the cost price would not be copied into the sales order on conversion. Today (22nd Jan) I discussed this with Newcastle support to try to determine whether this was a design fault, a bug, or should be listed just as an idea. The opinion of RD was that it could only be an idea because the field is associated with permissions only on Sales Orders. This is not true. If the user has not got permission to change sales prices then they cannot change the prices on a quotation. However, I still log this requirement as a wish list. Our customer frequently takes large orders which exceed his stock carrying capacity. He negotiates special prices with his supplier/s to satisfy large orders - and wants to use back-to-back special purchase orders for accountability. BUT he cannot enter the special unit cost price into a quotation - and needs to keep the negotiated cost price somewhere relevant. Making a note on the quotation is not sufficient.

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  • Oct 1 2023
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support