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Ability to add hundreds of attachments to Sales/Purchase ledger accounts without out of memory issues:

This is a known issue - we would like Sage to resolve. Opening and closing the program throughout the day isn't practical in a busy office with time constraints. The program should be able to deal with this process without closing the progam every time. Known Issue 3114 below:
ID 3114 Issue Details
To Replicate
1> Add around 400-500 attachments to a Sales Ledger account.
2> Run Task Manager and select the Sage200desktop.exe, show the GDI Objects column.
3> Amend Account Details, select Account with the attachments, select Attachments tab, close form either by Close button or X, Reopen form, select the same account then attachments again.
Observed Behaviour
The GDI hasnt cleared and is still increasing usage, when it gets to 10,000 this is the Windows Maximum and you will get an out of memory exception
Expected Behaviour
For the GDI usage to clear when the form reopened
Regular closing/opening of the program

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  • Oct 19 2016
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support