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Control Default UoM used in POP - Generate Orders and Manual PO Entry

Having found a flaw in how UoM's are used by Sage200 during discussion's with Dale Norris in Support.

POP Unit of Measure Usage Issue.docx

Please review above document for steps to replicate.

We have found a work around but this still requires User intervention, also does NOT allow the use of POP - Generate Orders. AND the biggest issue no UoM Import/export is available. Meaning all parts have to be Updated Manually.

My requested resolution is thus:

Stock Items
unticked by default.
BLANK/NULL by default,
Supplier setting Overrides ‘Stock Item – Unit of Measure – ‘Base Unit’ Tick box’
Unit of Measure; Add a tick box to use the ‘Base Unit’ as the Default POP ‘Buying Unit’
Suppliers; Add a new field ‘Buying Unit’ - this will be linked to UoM added against the linked Stock Item and the entered Ratio’s ONLY.
These settings will be used in POP:
This field should also be editable based on ‘Stock Item – Unit of Measure’ entries.
Code updated to Lookup ‘Stock Item – Supplier – ‘Buying Unit’ entry
execute existing code.
Ticked – Use ‘Stock Item – Unit of Measure – ‘Base Unit’’ entry
execute existing code.
Unticked – execute existing code.
IF <> BLANK/NULL use ‘Stock Item – Supplier – ‘Buying Unit’ entry
IF BLANK/NULL check ‘Stock Item – Unit of Measure – ‘Base Unit’ Tick box’’
Purchase Orders - Generate Orders – ‘Stock Unit’
Purchase Orders – Enter New Purchase Order – Add Items – ‘Buying Unit’
Purchase Returns – Enter New Purchase Return – Add Items – ‘Buying Unit’
Purchase Orders List – New Order and New Return – Add Items – ‘Buying Unit’
This means, in my view, existing installs are not affected by either of these changes.

NB POP – Purchase Requisitions has not been investigated; but this should also make use of these settings.

From mine and Dales Testing all other processing looks to work as expected.

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  • Jan 17 2023
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