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Please can I request a change which would save time and effort for any education customers who submit details from the VAT126 report to HMRC.

Running/printing the VAT return in Sage 200c for Education produces the VAT126 report. This report has the Supplier Account reference rather than the Supplier Name.

There are two issues with this: -

HMRC require "the name of the organisation receiving goods or services on the invoice".
It is time consuming to manually look up these details from the software. This is worst when submitting more than 5 transactions, which can be submitted on a spreadsheet. If the details were included on the VAT126 correctly then the data could be exported to a spreadsheet, quickly checked and then attached to the submission.

Please see for details.

Please can I have both the Supplier account reference and the Name too included on the report?

Also, in the Excel Reports, 'VAT Transactions' is really good but it needs to have additional columns added too - the supplier no. is there but it needs the Supplier Name and the VAT No. adding in so it gives all the info.

This will really help with completing the VAT Returns which currently take a long time manually.

Kind regards,


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  • Mar 18 2019
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