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Stock Valuation Report - Better Understanding for BPs and End Users

We constantly receive calls from customers querying the stock valuation report. Sending them article 25549 is not sufficient. I mean, what end user is able to work through SQL to find out why a certain stock item could be showing a Qty of 0 but with a value?

Therefore I believe that Sage should:

Create a better guide for BP's with further clarification of what the 'quantity' refers to. There are no 'quantity' fields in BinItem nor MovementBalance tables.
Include situations where Manufacturing is used in Sage 200, not just financials.
Create a drillable report for the customer, explaining how the report has calculated the figure, or a more extensive guide for the customer to troubleshoot the results in Sage 200, not SQL.
As point 3 above, auditors do not understand the stock valuation report.
Sage to offer a training course specifically tailored for understanding all the possible variations/calculations for troubleshooting the report.

  • Debbie Hunt
  • Mar 28 2018
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support