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Stop Sales Order transaction when Account is on Hold

When an account is on Hold, you can currently still process a Sales Order within the system.

It would be better if you could place a customer on hold and allow it to transact a Sales Order dependant on what 'Hold' status is given.

Status Action
On Hold - No Action Does not allow you to enter, acknowledge, allocate, produce picking lists dispatch or invoice current orders
On Hold - Enter Order Only Allows you to enter new sales orders. Does not allow an other actions
On Hold - Allocation Allows you to enter an order and allocate stock only
On Hold - Pick Allows you to enter, allocate, acknowledge and Produce a picking list. Will not allow you to dispatch

A message then appears on screen when a customer is actioning a Sales Order telling them what actions can be taken for the current status of a customer.

This will allow the customer more flexibility in controlling the sales order process for customers who are on hold.

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  • Jul 5 2018
  • Review in progress