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Software installation location

It would be nice if the software would allow us to install to a location of our choosing eg program files, the way sage 200 installs to the users folder is a problem if multiple users use the same machine but use sage since they need permissions then for that users area, it also means to install the software the main user has to have admin rights which is something we try to remove now for security reasons, also since it installs as the user the program shortcut points to there users folder meaning we cant set a shortcut which pushes out over the network as each users shortcut is different, if we could tell it to be program files\Sage\Sage 200c\standarddesktop.exe the users wouldn't need to be local admins. the other reason for this is profiles on our networks remove themselves after x number of days inactivity so if the user is off for the full summer holidays (school) in theory there profile would delete and then the software would need reinstalling and with my customers been windows 10 users we already have to set the shortcut awkwardly as the premade one during the install wont run because of windows 10 UAC.

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  • Oct 9 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support