Sage 200 UKI Ideas Portal

For the lightbulb icon to link directly to the ideas hub for Sage200

Originally, the lightbulb within Sage200 took you directly to the ideas hub, now it takes you to the UK Sage City homepage, meaning you have to browse and look. To help us drive users to the ideas hub to vote and raise ideas, it would be a good idea to code a set URL like it used to, to take users directly to the ideas hub, so they can login and raise/vote directly. Itll save time and while its a minor thing, getting more users to the ideas hub is surely a good thing

  • Gary Butler
  • May 22 2019
  • Delivered
Fixed in version 2019 (Spring/ Summer)
Implemented in version (specific) 2019 (Summer)
  • Admin
    Jo Kirkup commented
    26 Oct, 2023 01:08pm

    This has now be included in Sage 200cloud Summer 2019 and the latest version of Standard Online.