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Expand the Incident Manager update email, to include the content on what has been updated

When we received the incident manager update email, it would be useful if there was a copy of what has been updated in it. Rather than having to log in, find the incident, then the update. It simply says Your Action Required

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  • Jul 4 2018
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    Jo Kirkup commented
    26 Oct, 2023 12:39pm

    The Sage 200 ideas hub has been set up to drive product, rather than service improvements. For any future service ideas please send to

    All updates on the incident from the 200/ Dev teams are important updates and keep you informed of the progress of your ticket. Its's your choice when to review them, however due to some of the information we may share on the ticket we need to ensure its in a secure portal and not freely available on an email.

    Some of the updates require a response, and this is best done via the portal itself.

    What may be more relevant, and has already been submitted as a service improvement is a longer login window to the MySage portal which would prevent multiple login/ logout requests.