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Making client installs easier - automatic update from the server

I always find installing the Sage client difficult & confusing. A cumbersome will ring up & say they have a new PC, can we install a Sage youve to dial onto a working machine, mak a note of the build number...then go to the sage website to convert this to a service pack number.......then browse to the server in the hope that the previous support engineer has saved this somewhere & you can recognize it etc. Quite long winded. We see other software work in a much easier manner. You upgrade the server copy of the software & in there, theres a client set up folder. This gets updated when the server copy is updated, so the two (client & server) can never be mistanekly out of sync. A client can then be updated in 1 of 2 ways. 1) you browse to this & double click on the exe file - again you dont have to worry whether youve got the correct service pack or not - this is it 2) If the client software is already installed on the PC, you try & log into the software & it gives you a message saying something like the release of the client does not match the server, sould you like to run the client set up? yes/no, indicating it has found a mis match in the version numbers.....but more importantly it asks you if you want to upgrade the client? Selecting yes does this & the user can then use the software. This is incredibly useful when performing a full system upgrade. We have just carried out about 60 of these for the payroll year end. We dial onto the server, perform the upgrade (in say 30 mins), then we simply instuct the clients to try & log in. They get this message & then they can use the system. With Sage we cannot easily do this. We upgrade the server, then each of the clients has to ring us in turn & we have to install the client for them. you can imagine on a 20 user site this is very time consuming. Im aware there are sort of ways around this by adding the exe file into an update folder, but even this part is manual If Sage 200 could operat in this way it would really improve the installation side of things

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  • Apr 2 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support