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Improve Bin Location Management

The way Sage 200 currently handles bins is on a Warehouse, Stock Item Level. Therefore to add an item to a Bin, this is configured based on the 'Warehouse Item' there is therefore no forced consistency between multiple items and across the warehouse on a whole. It also means the process of setting up and managing bin locations is pretty non-existent. Bin locations should be managed based on a warehouse, so a list is maintained of Bin Locations within the warehouse. If a central list is maintained per warehouse this then would allow any bin to be used by any stock item in that warehouse and therefore the setup and use would be much more simple. Also, it would mean there would be consistency with bin names across all of the items in the warehouse which makes reporting and stock management a lot easier. This could then be further used to enhance reporting/enquiries to see stock movements by Bin location and would make stock take by bin more accurate.

  • Chris Housecroft
  • Aug 20 2020
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support