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SOP Type status to be expanded

It is difficult to see what status a sales order is & it would be better f the Type wasn't just left as Order, but expanded to say the following: Order Order/Delivered (this means a part delivered order) Delivered - this means a fully delivered order O/D/I - part back order, part delivered & part invoiced Del/Inv - Fully delivered & part invoiced Invoiced - order has been fully invoiced. Instead it doesn't matter what stage the sales order is in, it just says sales order & you've to add other columns on the sales order list such as despatched, or invoiced. The document status just changes from Live to completed when the invoices have been posted to the sales ledger. But its difficult to see what stat the sales order is currently in cheers

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  • Mar 27 2019
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support