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Order Archiving Process has wrong criteria

In Sales Order Processing you have the opportunity to archive old orders. However, the &date& criteria works on the order date - i.e. the date the order was placed. Our customer recently &lost& the ability to reprint current year invoices because they had been &attached& to a two-year-old order that had only just been completed (and archived). This has resulted in the fact that he cannot reprint these copy invoices not only for the customer but also for the VAT inspector. 1) Orders should only be archived by the date they have been marked as &completed& - or if that is not available then by the latest date of any invoice associated with the order. If an order (or quote or pro-forma) is marked as completed and there is no invoice &attached& then it has obviously been deleted/cancelled/converted and can be archived. Users should be prevented from archiving data within the current financial year. 2) There should be a facility to reprint details of an invoice from archived data. Previous wish 1485 also refers, but fails to point out that this current faulty archive process can interfere with the auditability of the current fiscal year accounts.

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  • Sep 30 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support