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An ability to define Keyboard shortcuts in Sage 200 = improve accessibility / improve business process efficiency

There are a number of system shortcuts. You can see these at: Desktop/Using_the_Keyboard.htm I would like to be able to define keyboard shortcuts to further facilitate the use of the system. A colleague of mine is partially sighted and tells me he would struggle to use Sage 200. Besides, definable shortcuts would help everyone. In the same way as people can define favourites, they should be able to define keyboard shortcuts. (I&m writing this for V2015 by the way) I see this being used in a number of areas: 1/ Desktop shortcuts - For example there is no keyboard shortcut to open home page favourites, or to access workspaces. But what about being able to open screens (menu items) via a shortcut. Let&s say I want to shortcut create full sales order. I&d like to be able to define F5 to open that screen. But my colleague likes CTRL + O as his shortcut for that same screen. 2/ In screen shortcuts. There&s some fantastic improvements already in v2015. The order that you tab through screens is now logical. But the obvious screen where people would like shortcuts for a specific screen is sales order entry. To quick access different tabs, to quick access buttons 3/ Workspaces - to tie these to the actions would be all that&s needed here. The ideal would be user-defined but even system-defined (i.e. 1 shortcut carries out the same function for all users) would be a huge step forward. From a UX point of view the aspiration should be how do I cut down on the amount of times a user must resort to using the mouse in a session. I have a related idea which is field-sensitive on screen keyboards... more on that in the next idea....

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  • May 30 2015
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support