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View Monthly Trading figures - for some variables to be available in Repdes

The View Monthly Trading figures form is a handy place to see details of Purchases and Sales of stock items in one place. You can only see 1 item at a time but you can drill into the details. If you print from this screen its AFD (Application Fabricated Data) which means the data has to be on screen to be able to print it. It would be hugely beneficial for the month figures (Jan - Dec) for Purchase and Sales to be available as a variable in report designer, this way you can create reports for multiple stock items to show the figures in one place. I feel a lot of customers would benefit from this as I've had many questions on this over the years about reporting on this data.

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  • Jan 3 2018
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
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    Keith Carver commented
    19 Dec, 2023 03:43pm

    Please contact our Report Design team to discuss this further (if your a Partner direct your customer to the article), with a view to seeing if this can be achieved with a custom report.

    Details on how to do this are available in this knowledgebase article.