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Posting Invoice from Invoicing populates reference and second reference as the Invoice Number

Can the below be changed please? When you raise an order from SOP, process it all the way through, you have a Sales Ledger posting that has the reference and 2nd ref as the invoice number and order number. When you do the same on Invoicing, it wastes the 2nd ref by using the same value as the Reference field. I would think a better option would to use the Customer Order Number value - that is entered on the invoice, rather than the invoice number in 2nd ref. Or to have a setting that controls what the behaviour is.

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  • Oct 20 2017
  • Idea Accepted - Gauging Support
  • Steve Stratton commented
    29 Apr 09:57am

    Also have a customer with the same issue

  • Graham Sean commented
    24 Apr 11:22am

    I definitely agree on this - we have a customer that want to be able to report on transactions across Sales and Purchase Invoices and group them by using the 2nd Ref field to link them to a Customers Sales Order ref. If the Customer Order Ref was recorded in the 2nd Ref Field when the Transaction was posted this would be possible.

    I can't see any benefit or logic in repeating the Invoice number in both the Ref and 2nd ref fields - it seems pointless to me.